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Case Results

  • "Indecent Liberties" Charge Dismissed

    Charge Dismissed

    The Frey Law Firm successfully represented a client accused of "Taking Indecent Liberties." All charges were dismissed. It is a terrible thing to be charged with an offense against another person, especially an alleged crime against a minor, when you are actually completely innocent of any criminal wrongdoing. The allegation, though false, is often enough to destroy a person's reputation. Fortunately, in this case, after a thorough review of all of the digital evidence collected, including forensic evidence retrieved from data storage devices and computers, it was apparent that there was no wrongdoing and that there was no evidence to substantiate any alleged crime. After a thorough review of the forensic reports and consultations with Attorney Frey, the prosecution voluntarily dismissed the case.

  • Alleged Drug Trafficking Case Dismissed Following Extensive Review of Digitally Recorded Evidence and Independent Investigation

    Case Dismissed

    Attorney Frey was retained to represent a client who was facing multiple counts of alleged Drug Trafficking. The client denied any wrongdoing in the case and was not willing to accept the plea offer proposed by his former attorney. Attorney Frey was hired by the client’s family and immediately conducted an extensive review of the evidence in the case. In addition to alleged digital audio and digital video recordings, the case also involved alleged text messages and other forms of digital communication. It became apparent that the digital video in the case did not necessarily capture a crime, but rather, an innocent transaction that was in no way unlawful or related to illegal narcotics. After conducting independent interviews of the witness, and even an interview with the alleged confidential informant, Attorney Frey was able to convince the Prosecuting Attorney and the Judge that the case should be dismissed against his client. With the increase in the use of technology, almost every case involves some digital evidence or evidence from the internet or social media. The Frey Law Firm, PLLC and Attorney Ron Frey have the experience to know what questions to ask and where to look when it comes to uncovering forensic evidence that may mean the difference between a conviction or dismissal.

  • Computer Crime Conviction Overturned on Appeal

    Conviction Overturned on Appeal

    Attorney Ron Frey successfully appealed the conviction of a client who had received a seventeen (17) year sentence after entering a plea deal with a different attorney. The charges against the client included over eighty (80) counts of sexually-oriented offenses that were alleged to have been committed over the internet. As with most computer crimes and internet crimes, the penalties in the case were severe. Following his plea with a different attorney, the client was sentenced to serve 17 years in prison, 5 years of post-release control, and register as a sex offender. After being retained by the client’s family to pursue an appeal, Attorney Frey successfully argued to the appellate court that the plea was not knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently entered. After months of litigation, the appellate court agreed with Attorney Frey’s argument, vacated the plea and remanded the matter back to the trial court.

  • Federal Charge Dismissed

    Charge Dismissed

    Following the filing of a Federal Indictment that alleged a Conspiracy to Commit Bank Fraud, in violation of Title 18, United Stated Code, Section 1349, Attorney Ron Frey successfully secured an arrangement that enabled his client, a Bank employee, to enter into a Federal Pretrial Diversion Program. The case involved a felony allegation of a sophisticated identity theft scheme that purportedly utilized a combination of technology and deception. All charges against the Defendant were ultimately dismissed without any conviction.

  • Military Veteran Facing Over 35 Felony Internet Crime Charges Sentenced to Two (2) Years Probation

    Reduced Sentence

    A military veteran who served two (2) tours of combat duty in Iraq received a sentence of two (2) years probation. Originally facing over thirty-five (35) felony charges pertaining to alleged crimes committed over the internet and on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, the client faced a possible sentence of over two hundred (200) years in prison. Attorney Frey worked with counselors and treatment providers to ensure that all of the mitigating circumstances were presented to the court and the prosecuting attorney for consideration. Following the filing of a Sentencing Memorandum and an extensive hearing before the court, the client was sentenced to two (2) years in prison, despite the prosecution’s request for prison time. The Frey Law Firm, PLLC is prepared to ensure that mitigating factors are explored right from the start in every case. Working closely with mental health counselors and treatment providers, mitigating factors can often mean the difference between a lengthy term of incarceration or a period of probation.

  • Software Developer’s Alleged Online Solicitation Case Dismissed

    Case Dismissed

    Attorney Ron Frey successfully represented a Software Developer who was charged with an internet crime related to a Backpage.com advertisement and an allegation of online solicitation. All charges against Attorney Frey’s client were ultimately dismissed. Allegations of computer crimes and internet crimes involving alleged solicitation carry serious potential penalties from the court, but also involve significant collateral consequences, including potential loss of employment, loss of professional licensing and unwanted media attention. The Frey Law Firm, PLLC has extensive experience representing clients in these matters and tailoring strategies to develop a defense.