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The below testimonials have been provided by former clients of Attorney Ron Frey of The Frey Law Firm. Every case is different. Past success does not guarantee a particular result in your case.

Knowledgeable and Professional Service

Ron was reliably reachable and knowledgeable about the intricacies of the legal ramifications in my case. This was a criminal defense case for possession of child pornography, but Ron never displayed any judgment toward me. He treated me with respect at all times. He had detailed knowledge of an area that few lawyers possess. He helped me avoid jail time in two cases in two states. I am grateful for his expertise.

Posted by John
An Excellent Experience During a Tough Time

Mr. Frey started work on my son’s suspension case immediately after contacting him. He quickly made me aware of the various documents I needed to gather in support of the case. Mr. Frey researched school law thoroughly and became knowledgeable about the processes involved. He was highly professional in meetings both with my family and the school. Mr. Frey was very prepared at the suspension hearing. Even though the suspension was upheld, Mr. Frey was instrumental in negotiating the cancelation [sic] of the expulsion hearing. Mr. Frey successfully prevented my son from being expelled. I feel like he gave my case the upmost [sic] attention and time. Mr. Frey’s demeanor gave me confidence and a sense of calm during the very stressful process.

Posted by Michael
Fantastic Experience With Ron

I can’t imagine a better experience working with Ron. He is informed, persistent, and incredibly responsive. I required his assistance in getting two convictions expunged. The court system was a challenge to work with, but Ron was able to carefully navigate the system on my behalf. In the end, his persistence and knowledge of the court system is the only reason we achieved the desired outcome. Without Ron, I would have never had my record expunged. I owe him a great deal. I would recommend Ron to anyone without hesitation. Great guy and fantastic attorney.

Posted by Criminal Defense Client
High Regard for Attorney Ron Frey

I hired Ron to represent my son who was charged with a serious federal crime. Due to the nature and seriousness of the charge, I needed absolute confidence in my son’s attorney. Not only did Ron inspire confidence, he displayed trustworthiness as his actions reflected each and every promise that he made. He is a man of integrity whose expertise made the difference of likely many years in my son’s sentence. He provides outstanding service and I could not have asked for any more than he delivered. I highly recommend Ron Frey.

Posted by Federal Crime Client

Mr. Frey is an excellent attorney! Not only is he extremely knowledgable, Mr. Frey was very responsive and attentive to all of my questions and explained everything so well. He kept me well informed every step of the way. I give him a resounding and full recommendation.

Posted on
An Attorney Who is an Extension of You!

Ron Frey is not just an attorney, but he became an integral extension of our family this past year. As we prayerfully searched for an attorney, on a Sunday afternoon, he was the one who answered the phone. Even though he was out of town, he listened, and the legal relationship immediately began. He is personable, engaged, knowlegeable [sic], and was genuine with our case. It was our first experience with the legal system, and he was there each step of the way. His responses are immediate and accurate, and if he doesn’t know the answer, he will find it. He made this unexpected and uneasy year one of assurance and confidence. His follow through and communication is immediate, whether it’s through text messenging [sic], emails, or phone calls. I would highly recommend Ron Frey for your legal needs. Thank you, Ron, for assistance, and for a successful resolution. May God continue to bless your practice.

Posted on
Dependable, Non Judgmental, and Trustworthy Lawyer

I hired Ron back in April of 2016 as I had two felony charges hanging over my head. I called him around 5 pm and he called me back around 5:30 pm and we met in person the next day in court. He was up until all hours getting my background information and information regarding my case. He worked well with the DA and knew the system and explained in detail what to expect during each meeting. He always called me back or responded to my emails within 24 hours. Each time he said he was going to follow up on something, he did. He has my complete confidence that he is working in my best interest. He got my charges reduced to non felony charges and no jail time. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a hard working, intelligent, trustworthy, savvy lawyer.

Posted by a client
I Am So Glad I Had Him in My Corner

My case was unique, and difficult. It was from 36 years ago, when I was 22 years of age. I had just moved to Cleveland, Ohio and I unfortunately found myself in the wrong place, at the wrong time. I had never been in trouble before (nor since.) Countless mistakes were made, that led to my conviction on very serious charges . … I served my time, and was released. Fast-forward 36 years. May of 2014, I was driving down the street, in Florida, which is where I now live, only to be pulled over and arrested for an old outstanding fugitive warrant related to the case. Sad to say, the warrant was valid. As a fugitive, I was given no bond. I was stuck in jail, until this all could be figured out. One of my best friends began searching for an attorney for me. She found Attorney Ronald Frey, on . His reviews we’re very good. His character qualities, persistence towards a satisfactory end, diplomacy during the process, and trustworthiness sounded like the qualities we we’re looking for in an attorney . After speaking with him, she decided he would be the right attorney for my case. I could not agree more! From the very beginning, attorney Frey was available, investigative, determined, and level-headed. He immediately flew down to Florida to see me, so we could talk in complete confidentiality. He was very up front with me. Because my case was so old, most documents were missing, and the judge who originally presided over my case, was deceased ie: we had a fight on our hands. The result could not be guaranteed, but he promised he would fight with all that he had for me. It was a very scary time. Ultimately, I was extradited back to Cleveland. The case had been closed many years ago, so I had no judge assigned to me, and no avenue into the courts. They just wanted to send me straight to prison. Immediately, attorney Frey began filing motions in the court… Motion for sentence reevaluation, motion to keep me in the county jail until this was straightened out. He said, even if they were denied, I would be assigned a judge. They weren’t denied, and over the course of the next 3 months, attorney Frey worked diligently to create a defense for me. He spent many hours speaking with the judges bailiff, the judge, meeting with the prosecutors, and just sitting outside the judges courtroom, waiting to see if our case would be called that day. One by one, the prosecutors , all the way up to the chief prosecutor, came to see and understand that mistakes were made in my case. They arrived at this understanding due to attorney Frey’s intelligent negotiations. When we finally had our day in court, the judge actually stopped transcription, to say off the record to me,” Do you understand what a great attorney you have? He fought hard for you today in my court… And rightfully so, I believe.” Attorney Frey was actually successful in having my prior conviction from 36 years ago thrown out, and he negotiated a plea agreement for me that was favorable beyond my imagination. I was released that day. Today, I am back home in Florida, resuming my life, truly free. Over the years, I had had many attorneys look into my case. None of them came close to exibiting [sic] the integrity I experienced with attorney Frey. I highly recommend him. I am so glad I had him in my corner, working for me. He truly is a rising star, “And rightfully so, I believe.”

Posted on
I Would Highly Recommend His Service

I did not know what to look for in a defense attorney, but based on the first two meetings, Mr. Frey was honest in his communication, and very direct about the process and potential outcomes. It just felt right. Given the charges, Mr. Frey pushed as hard as possible on my behalf, meeting with the prosecutor’s office and consistently pointing out my positive contributions to society. He was able to get many of the charges reduced or dropped… When you are going through a process like this, one of the most significant aspects for me was communication. Mr. Frey never cancelled important meetings, or court dates, and always responded to my calls or emails… I would highly recommend his service.

Posted by Criminal Defense Client
Case Dismissed

Mr. Frey promptly started work on my case after my initial contact on the phone (August 2009). He was thoroughly prepared and professional throughout my entire case at Rocky River Municipal Court. Mr. Frey was successfully able to get my misdemeanor charge of animal abuse dismissed.

Posted by a client

Attorney Ron Frey is great, very informative and he certainly knows his stuff. I called to ask for advice and he made me realize that I needed a lawyer for sure. He decided to represent me and was willing to work out a payment arrangement. I appreciate knowing that I could get a hold of him at any time and thru any means (text, email, phone) and that he provided ALL the facts to me. He definitely has my best interest at heart and gave me the best advice. I certainly will continue to use Ron for any legal matter in the future. Thank you Ron!!

Posted on
Reliable, Patient, & Hard-working

I hired Ron a year ago and he immediately worked so hard on my case. He showed compassion and understood that my “offense” was nothing but misunderstanding gone horribly wrong. Moments where I was nervous and scared, he reassured me it will work out. He worked fast and diligently but smart to make sure I received the best outcome. A year later, he has gone out of his way to make sure my probation ends a year early. I’m so thankful I hired him!

Posted by previous client
Trusted Lawyer

Ron helped my son a couple times and I am extremely happy at how Ron moved forward with the cases and kept us informed all the way throughout the process. If my son or myself had any questions Ron took the time to answer the questions so we understood the answers. If my family would ever need a lawyer Ron will be the first person I would call.

Posted by Ralph
An Excellent Lawyer

Ronald Frey is an excellent lawyer and I would highly recommend him to someone in need of his skills. In his specialty area, Ron knows the law completely, and has the expertise to know how to apply the law for the best possible outcome for the client. Ron also fully understands how the court and legal systems work, and he is on top of that all the time, working it to his client’s advantage. Ron was always totally candid and honest with us about all possibilities of what could happen in my case. I was always informed about what the risks were, what the strengths were, and what was going to happen next. At my first meeting with Ron Frey, he gave me his cell phone number and told me to call anytime – even if it was just questions, no matter what time of day or night. Every call I placed to Ron or received from Ron was always dealing with him personally. He never passed “routine” calls off to another staff. All steps along the way, including calling and emailing to me, were directly from Ron. This impressed me by showing his level of commitment to my case, and getting the best possible outcome for me. I have never needed a criminal lawyer before in my life, and my situation was very frightening for me, and my family. But through it all, I knew I had the right lawyer, I knew he was advocating for me all the time, and I trusted Ron’s judgment and expertise.

Posted on
Nothing Short of Outstanding!

Mr. Frey did an amazing job! I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. At one of the lowest points in my life, Ron was there for me. He did such a terrific job. I don’t know where I’d be today if it wasn’t for his outstanding work. He was very knowledgeable in his defense of my situation. He made me feel so comfortable with his attentiveness and caring. Ron made himself available to me virtually 24/7 by telephone, email, texts and the countless driving. He maintained almost daily contact with me keeping me informed every step of the way. Ron instilled confidence, positivity and hope at a time in my life when I thought there wasn’t any chance for such things. Needless to say, he resolved my situation with a very positive outcome. I couldn’t be happier with Ron’s attentiveness, knowledge and compassion all while maintaining a kind and professional relationship. Ron has my highest recommendation!

Posted by a client
Client Review

Mr. Frey’s intelligence and expertise proved to provide me with the best legal representation. Without his guidance and defense, I would not have an successful outcome…

Posted on

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