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Before an attorney can tailor an effective defense for your case, detailed information is needed. This requires quick action. Otherwise, important evidence that may be required to mount an effective defense may be lost. Surveillance footage can be erased, messages and pictures posted on social media can disappear, and witnesses’ memories can fade. You need to contact a lawyer right away to ensure that evidence is collected and secured before it is gone for good.

Not only do you need a timely response, but you also need an experienced defense for such difficult criminal charges. You need an attorney who knows the technology involved in forensic investigations and who has proven experience understanding forensic reports and digital evidence gained from confiscated computers and devices. Our cybercrime law firm is well-versed in forensic investigations and reports and we will get started on your defense right away. Available 24/7 by phone, Attorney Frey will work tirelessly for you from the start to protect your rights and interests.

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