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The Frey Law Firm, PLLC is led by Attorney Ronald Frey, an experienced defense lawyer who is able to handle all types of types of internet, cybercrime, and internet sex crime-related charges. Attorney Frey has more than a decade of legal experience defending his clients inside and outside of the courtroom in state and federal courts all across Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida, as well as numerous other jurisdictions around the country. He has had many successes handling complex internet and computer crime charges and unique scenarios. When you need a dedicated advocate who cares about your rights and future, our law firm is the obvious choice.

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Attorney Frey is a well-respected defense attorney who is highly regarded by his peers for his outstanding legal knowledge and skills. Put your case in the hands of an attorney that other attorneys trust.

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Whether you have been arrested for child pornography allegations, cyber fraud, crimes over social media or other internet crimes, turn to Internet Crime Attorney Frey for trusted guidance. He is prepared to consult with you and find ways to help you move forward with your defense and your life.

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