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Attorney Ronald Frey

Proven Defense for Internet Sex Crimes

Attorney Frey has helped clients face the most daunting, complex criminal charges for more than a decade. He devotes himself to developing an effective strategy in every case, making it a point to be there for his clients at every step. His approach is involved and he makes himself available to communicate directly with his clients. He conducts a thorough investigation in each matter and always ensures that you know the latest developments in your case.

Licensed to represent clients in Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida, Attorney Frey has considerable experience defending clients in both state and federal courtrooms around the country. A nationally recognized trial attorney, he is a leader in this area of law. Mr. Frey is well-versed in matters of digital evidence, computer and internet crimes, and related forensic reports and offers the seasoned, cutting-edge defense you need. He also makes himself available to answer your questions and provide guidance from start to finish.