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Investigations of Online Sex Crimes

Investigations of Online Sex Crimes

With the prevalence of technology, law enforcement officials today are devoting a significant amount of resources into investigating sex crimes on the internet and over social media. Law enforcement officials are currently employing efforts to monitor social networks, social media, peer-to-peer file sharing programs, forums, and more.

Common ways that law enforcement officials identify alleged online offenders:

  • Creating a fake online profile, which is then be used to communicate with potential suspects
  • Monitoring file sharing offerings over peer to peer (p2p) networks
  • Overtaking websites that contain contraband in order to monitor visitors to the site

Complexity of Online Sex Crime Investigations

Once law enforcement officials identify a suspect, the online investigation can yield a vast amount of digital evidence, which can make it difficult to manage and even harder to interpret. The burden of proof is on the government and the investigators must forensically process and understand the evidence against the charged individual or organization.

It is always important to consult an attorney if you are under investigation or arrested for an internet sex crime charge or computer crime. The Frey Law Firm, PLLC has substantial experience defending clients charged with internet sex crimes, and can work with forensic experts to help defend you against any allegations you may be faced with. Contact the firm today!