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Blog Posts in April, 2016

  • Smart Mattresses with "Infidelity Detection Systems" : The Internet of Things & the Law

    The Smarttress In the market for a smart mattress that alerts your mobile phone whenever someone is using your bed in a questionable way? Well, of course, there's an app for that. The smart mattress, advertised as the Smarttress , is currently being marketed and sold by Durmet, a Spanish Company. Billed as the first mattress that detects deception, the Smarttress has sensors within the springs ...
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  • Questioning the "Biography" of a Digital File & Why It Matters

    Digital technology has played an increasingly important role in the justice system. One of the many challenges when dealing with digital evidence is the sheer volume of data that can be contained in a single hard drive or flash drive. There can be thousands of files nested within each other, which can amount to literally hundreds of pages of discovery. It can also take hours to review the data, ...
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  • Investigations of Online Sex Crimes

    With the prevalence of technology, law enforcement officials today are devoting a significant amount of resources into investigating sex crimes on the internet and over social media. Law enforcement officials are currently employing efforts to monitor social networks, social media, peer-to-peer file sharing programs, forums, and more. Common ways that law enforcement officials identify alleged ...
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  • Law Enforcement - "There's an app for that." Criminal Investigations over the Internet Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networks

    Our reliance upon technology is nothing new, but in recent years our use of technology seems to be escalating in all aspects of life. For many, simply driving without GPS or going a day without accessing the internet is unbearable. Ideally, the use of technology improves our quality of life in some fashion. Oftentimes, it allows us to operate in a more efficient and effective manner. It should ...
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