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  • Computer / Internet Crimes in Both State and Federal Court

    At the start of a criminal investigation, one of the biggest questions is whether the case will be prosecuted by state or federal authorities. This is not always clear from the outset. One of the surprises for most clients is the fact that many types of alleged criminal conduct can be prosecuted under both state and federal law. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that a person can be prosecuted ...
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  • Dating website scam? "Someone contacted me and demanded payment!?!?!"

    Is this a dating website scam, or am I about to get arrested? As an internet sex crime defense lawyer, I am regularly contacted by people who have found themselves in variations of the following generalized hypothetical situation: “I was on a dating website, or Craigslist, and I met a female who is 26 years-old. Her profile indicated she was 26 and she told me she was 26 in our online chats. I had ...
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  • What if the Government Fails to Preserve, or Destroys, Digital Evidence During an Investigation?

    Given the proliferation of data storage devices, ranging from computers and cell phones, to Fitbits and gaming systems, it should come as no surprise that criminal investigators often focus on securing digital evidence from these devices. Law enforcement utilizes a variety of methods to secure digital evidence, including extracting data, or making a forensic copy of the data from a device. When ...
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  • Packingham v. North Carolina: Registration, Social Media and the First Amendment

    In Packingham v. North Carolina, the Supreme Court unanimously struck down a North Carolina law that made it a felony for registered sex offenders to engage in certain internet activity. The court stressed that the "sweeping law" would bar those on the registration from visiting sites such as Facebook & Twitter, but also a multitude of sites ranging from Amazon to WebMD, as well as the sites of ...
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  • Should I Provide my Password to the Police or FBI? : Encryption, Passwords & the Law

    According to reports, a recent survey revealed that the average person has over 27 different passwords for their online accounts. With the rise of applications for every area of life (banking, e-mail, social media, chipotle), this should come as no surprise. Within the justice system, it is becoming quite common for law enforcement, or other opposing parties, to seek to gain access to a ...
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